More Video Production Resources


  1. 2 Methods for Scripting With Free Template (docx)
  2. 3 Steps to Writing Video Scripts That Keep People Watching
  3. 11 1/2 Tips for Writing a Video Script
  4. Download a 2-Column Template (.doc)
  5. Download a 3-Column Template:  Audio, Video, Graphics (.png)
  6. Download 15 Video Templates (.pdf files)
  7. How to Get Audio/Video Transcribed:  Speech recognition & manual transcription programs
  8. How to Write a Killer Explainer Video Script
  9. Make Your Own Cheap Teleprompter (Video)
  10. Screenwriting Kids YouTube Channel (3 tips)
  11. Script Formats With 3 Free Downloads (.pdf & .doc)
  12. Steal This Script:  Free Video Template Download (Google Doc)
  13. Ultimate Cheatsheet to Explainer Video Scripts (Infographic)
  14. Ultimate Guide to Writing Video Scripts
  15. Ultimate Guide to Writing Video Scripts like a Pro
  16. Writing a Video Script, Hollywood-Style


  1. 6 Reasons To Create Storyboards With PowerPoint
  2. Animated Video Storyboarding 101 with 2 Templates (.jpg)
  3. Download 60+ Templates (.pdf)
  4. Download 80+ Templates (.pdf, .ppt, .doc, and more)
  5. Download BBC Template (.pdf)
  6. How to Create a Storyboard in PowerPoint
  7. How To Make a Storyboard For Video
  8. How to Make a Storyboard on PowerPoint
  9. Free Storyboard Template for Video Projects (.zip .pdf)
  10. Non-Artist's Guide To Storyboarding Marketing Videos
  11. PowerPoint Storyboarding Techniques
  12. Pre-Visualize Your Video Production!
  13. Storyboard for a Video Production
  14. Storyboard Process of an Explainer Video
  15. Storyboard Video Production. Where to Start
  16. Ultimate Storyboard Template Resource List (.pdf, .ppt, .doc, and more)
  17. What Is A Storyboard And Why Do You Need One?


  1. 4 Ways to Hide a Lavalier Mic on Set
  2. 6 Microphone Pickup Patterns Every Filmmaker Should Know
  3. 12 Best Microphones for Video Cameras
  4. Best Microphones for Recording Video
  5. Best Microphones For YouTube Videos
  6. Best Reporter Style Handheld Microphones for Street Interviews
  7. Choosing a Microphone for Your Video
  8. Guidelines for Video Miking, Especially Voices
  9. How to Record Acoustic Guitar Using the M/S Mic Technique
  10. How to Use a Portable Audio Recorder on a Video Shoot
  11. Make a Microphone Flag in 9 Easy Steps
  12. Microphone Flags from B & H Photo
  13. Microphones
  14. Microphones for Videos
  15. Proper Techniques for Using Shotgun and Lavalier Microphones
  16. Using a Boom Microphone in Video Production
  17. What Microphones You Need and How to Use Them
  18. Which Microphone Should I Use?
  19. Which Microphone Should You Use?
  20. Which Microphone Will Work Best in Your Video?

Camera Set-Up & Use

  1. 3 DSLR Camera Settings You Wish You Knew
  2. 5 Camera Settings You Need to Know To Record Great Video
  3. 5 Essential Settings You Need To Double Check
  4. 7 Camera Settings to Double Check Before Shooting Video
  5. 8 Ways to Shoot Video Like a Pro
  6. 12 Tips for Shooting Better Video
  7. Capturing Good Video in Snow and Ice
  8. Everything You Need to Know About Tripods for Video
  9. Getting Started With Manual Video Camera Controls
  10. How to Learn to Use Your Video Camera
  11. How to Use a Video Camera
  12. Top 10 Videography Tips
  13. Top Tips for Shooting Better Video with Your Camcorder
  14. Video Camera Filters
  15. Video Camera Iris
  16. Video White Balance 101
  17. Video White Balance 101:  What You Need To Know

Speaking, Pacing, & Projecting Your Voice

  1. Best Exercise to Project Your Voice (video)
  2. Breathing Exercises for Improving Voice Strength
  3. How Many Words per Minute Do You Speak? (video)
  4. How to Project Your Normal Speaking Voice
  5. How to Project Your Voice
  6. How to Project Your Voice Onstage (video)
  7. Pace and Rate of Speech (video)
  8. Projecting Your Voice Without Yelling
  9. Public Speaking Breathing Exercises
  10. Pump Up Your Speaking Voice with a Strength Training Workout
  11. Rate of Speech (video)
  12. Simple & Fun Exercise to Project Your Voice with Ease (video)
  13. Simple Breath Control Exercise for Actors & Singers
  14. Speaking Tip:  130 Words per Minute (video)
  15. Speed of Speech Exercize (video)
  16. Your Rate of Speech Matters (video)
  17. Your Speaking Voice:  Toastmasters (22 pg .pdf)
  18. Vocal Exercises for Better Public Speaking

Lighting Tips and Tricks

  1. 4 Tips To Improve Your Fashion Videos
  2. 4 Lighting Tips for Shooting Beautiful Black and White
  3. 5 DIY Lighting Tips For Filmmakers on a Budget
  4. 5 Tips for Good Lighting
  5. 7 Lighting for Shooting Video With Digital SLRS
  6. Basics of Lighting And Camera Angles
  7. Basic Video Production Lighting (Video)
  8. Become a Master of Natural Lighting
  9. Best Budget Lighting Tricks
  10. Budget Video Lighting
  11. Capturing Steam On Video & Other Lighting Tips
  12. Cheapest Lights for Video (Video)
  13. Color Temperature: What it is, and what you need to know (Video)
  14. Continuous Three Light Setup with Special Effects Lighting
  15. Creating Rain:  A Lighting Lesson ( Video)
  16. Film Lighting Techniques
  17. How to Get the Perfect Lighting for Video
  18. Lighting Lounge:  News from around the industry
  19. Lighting on the Fly
  20. Lighting Tutorials
  21. Lighting Various Skin Tones
  22. A Quick Guide to Color Temperature
  23. Simple Video Lighting that Looks Awesome
  24. Three-Point Lighting & Other Video Lighting Techniques
  25. Tips for Getting Good Lighting
  26. Video Lighting Techniques
  27. Video Lighting with 1 LED (Video)

Chroma Keys

  1. 5 Secrets to Pulling Off a Chroma Key (Besides Good Lighting)
  2. Chromakey Tips
  3. Chromakey Tips and Tricks
  4. Essential Tips: Shooting Green Screen for Chroma Key
  5. Full Body Chroma Keying Techniques and Tips
  6. Greenscreen Chroma-Key Matting Tips & Tricks
  7. How to Create a DIY Green Screen Video Effect
  8. How to Set Up a Professional Green Screen: 7 Tips
  9. How To Use Green Screen Video Effects
  10. Tips for a Good Chromakey

Dramatic Production Effects

  1. 5 Creative Techniques to Light a Scene with Mirrors
  2. 7 In-Camera and Other Old School Easy Effects
  3. 8 Spooky Lighting Techniques
  4. 13 Camera Shots Everyone Should Know
  5. Candlelight Scenes
  6. Control Colors With White Balance
  7. Create Dreamlike Reflections with Water
  8. Enhance Video with Light & Color
  9. Focal Techniques
  10. Frame within Frame Scenes
  11. Pull-Focus (Video)
  12. Pull and Split Focus
  13. Sillouette Lighing (Video)
  14. Types of Backlight (Video)
  15. Using Shadows in Video Projects

Smartphone Videos

  1. 4 reasons Smartphones are Better Than Camcorders
  2. 5 Steps to Making a Great Smartphone Video
  3. 7 Ways to Get Professional Quality Video from Your Smartphone
  4. 8 tips on Recording Professional Video with a Smartphone
  5. 10 Simple Tips To MakeSmartphone Videos Look Professional
  6. 10 tips for Recording Better Video With Your Smartphone
  7. 20 Tips to Shoot Better Video on Your Smartphone
  8. Beginner’s Guide to Taking Great Video on Your Phone
  9. Best Tips To Record Outstanding Velfies (Video Selfies)
  10. How to Get Great Audio While Filming on Your iPhone
  11. How to Shoot Great Video With Your Smartphone
  12. iPhone Microphones for Video:  Comparison Test
  13. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Camera Tips and Tricks
  14. Shooting Video with an iPhone
  15. Simple Lighting Tricks for Mobile Photo and Video
  16. Smartphone Video Tips:  It’s Really Not About The Camera
  17. Use Camera Modes on Your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

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