Video Production Class Projects

Video projectsMr. B's Video Production Class is being developed this semester.  How exciting!  I will be creating formative assessments, learning resources & projects, and then summative assessments.  Everything will be authentic and represent examples of "real-world" planning, production, and post-editing skills as I regularly apply them with the award-winning TV production company, Today Not Tomorrow, Inc. in Madison, Wisconsin.  We produce the weekly TV show, Club TNT.

  1. Research Process
    1. Big6 and Mr. B's Big6 Planner (.pdf)
    2. Mr. B's Research Guide
    3. Evaluating Websites
    4. BadgerLink:    BadgerLink Primary Search,    BadgerLink Middle  Search
    5. Mr. B's Big6 Assignment Organizer (.pdf form)
  2. Scene Composition
    1. Mr. B's Golden Ratio for Composition
    2. Why You Need This Composition Technique:  The Golden Spiral (video)
    3. Mr. B's Rule of 3 for Composition
    4. The Golden Ratio vs. The Rule of Thirds (video)
    5. Rule of Thirds (video)
    6. Rule of Three in Films (video)
  3. Framing Your Scenes
    1. 8 Basic Ways to Frame Shots in Your Videos
    2. Camera Shot Types
    3. Frame Your Shots Propery for More Visual Impact
    4. Types of Shots
    5. Simple Framing Tips to Dramatically Improve Your Cinematography
    6. Video Production Tips - Framing Your Shots (video)
    7. Filmaking:  Composition and Framing Tutorial (video)
    8. Basic Rules of Framing A Shot (video)
    9. Framing:  Composition and Storytelling (video)
    10. Framing Techniques from Film School (video)
  4. Applying Scene Composition and Framing
    1. Crop Photos to use Rule of 3
    2. Cropping with Photoshop
    3. Crop & Resize
    4. Crop Tips & Tricks
    5. Composition with Photoshop:  Cropping and Sizing (.pdf)
    6. How to Film a Dialogue Scene:  Angles, Framing & Rule of Thirds (video)
  5. A-Roll and B-Roll
    1. A-Roll and B-Roll: The Two Types of Footage You Need to Tell a Great Story (with embedded video)
    2. A-Roll and B-Roll Explained (video)
    3. A-Roll and B-Roll Explained and How to Use Them in Your Videos
    4. Beginners Guide to B-Roll (with embedded videos)
    5. How to Shoot B-Roll (with embedded videos)
    6. What is B-Roll (video)
    7. What's the Difference Between A-Roll and B-Roll Footage? (with embedded video)
    8. Stock Footage: Every Filmmaker’s Secret Weapon
  6. How Many Cuts?  Narrated Video (All B-roll): How It's Made - Baseballs
  7. The Difference Editing Makes:
    1. Original Disney Mary Poppins Trailer (video)
    2. "Scary" Recut Trailer (video)
  8. How Many Cuts?
    1. Wrigley's Extra Gum Commercial (30 second video)
    2. Count and Time Each Cut with an Online Stopwatch
  9. Write an Engaging Video Script with these 6 Tips
  10. Mr. Breitsprecher's Book Talk Scripts (.pdf) with Video Example
  11. How to Write a Video Game Review Script
  12. Screenwriting
    1. How to Write a Screenplay:  Creating Scenes (video)
    2. How to Write a Screenplay:  Screenwriting Kids - Tip Clip #1 (video)
    3. How to Write a Screenplay:  Generating New Ideas - Tip Clip #2 (video)
  13. Write a 1-Minute Commercial
    1. Product:  Chocolate Sugar Mayhem Cereal
    2. Example:  Chocolate Sugar Mayhem Script
  14. Storyboarding.  You may draw the scenes or you may use software like MS PowerPoint
    1. Storyboard Your Ideas Using Microsoft PowerPoint
    2. Storyboard to Plan Your Video in PowerPoint (with embedded video tutorials)
    3. Using PowerPoint to Create a Video Storyboard (.pdf)
    4. PowerPoint Storyboard Template (.ppt)
    5. Power Point Storyboard Template For Beginners
  15. Filming and Interview:  Part 1    and Part 2
  16. Summative Assessment 1:  Scripted interview, YOU'RE the expert on the following topics:
    1. "Radio with Picture"
    2. A-Roll/B-Roll
    3. Zooming
    4. Panning
    5. "Ken Burns" Effect
    6. Mr. B's Easy Video 1-2-3 Production Process
  17. Getting Started:  Video Productions Tips 'N Tricks
    1. Make Professional Videos at Home Without Pro Gear by Sunny Lenarduzzi
    2. Build a Low-Cost Home Video Studio with Smartphones
  18. Video Cameras
    1. Video Cameras (video), Transcript (.pdf)
    2. Mr. B's JavaScript Video Camera Self-Check
    3. Video Camera Scavenger Hunt(.pdf)
  19. Microphones
    1. Microphones (video), Transcript (.pdf)
    2. Mr. B's JavaScript Microphones Self-Check
    3. Microphone Scavenger Hunt (.pdf)
  20. Lighting
    1. Lighting (video), and Transcript (.pdf)
    2. Mr. B's JavaScript Lighting Self-Check
    3. Lighting Kits Scavenger Hunt (.pdf)
  21. Lighting Tips 'N Tricks
    1. 5 Ways to Shape Light for Different Situations on Set
    2. 5 Ways You Can Light Your Next Horror Film Project
    3. 10 Cheap and Simple Light Setups for Filmmakers and Photographers
    4. How To Light A Car Scene Using The Poor Man’s Process
    5. How to Minimize Your Lighting Setup on Set
    6. Production Tips for Lighting Your Next Interview Shoot
    7. Stay On Budget With 7 LED On-Camera Lights for Under $200
    8. Three Point Lighting Basics for Photography/Video
    9. When You SHOULD NOT Use Three-Point Lighting
  22. Adobe Premiere Tutorials
    1. Adobe Premiere Pro "Get Started" Tutorials
    2. Change the Default Duration for Still Images
    3. Change Duration and Speed of Clips
    4. View All Adobe Premiere Tutorials
  23. Video Editing Cheat Sheet by Sunny Lenarduzzi
  24. Types of Video Cuts
    1. 8 Essential Cuts Every Editor Should Know
    2. 9 Cuts Every Editor Should Know
    3. Fine-Tune Your Next Edit with J and L Cuts
    4. How to Edit Videos: L-Cuts and J-Cuts
    5. How to Edit Video with the J-Cut and L-Cut in Premiere Pro (video)
  25. Magic Gopher:  How could this math trick be used to create a short video project?
  26. Do You Talk Too Fast or Too Slow? Take This Test (video) and "Speed Check" Script (script)
  27. Whiteboard, Greenboard, Blackboard & Glassboard Videos with Doodly
  28. Creating Your First Video Production:  3 Minute Length
    1. Documentary Script Planning Template (.pdf form)
    2. 3 Steps to Writing Video Scripts That Keep People Watching to the End
    3. Write 3-Minute Script from Planning Template (At least 510 words, not more than 550)
    4. How To Project Your Voice
    5. Recording Narration:  When you are ready, we will record your narration using a Shure SM 58 and a TC Helicon Mic Mechanic.  We will then edit and enhance your recording so that you sound great!
    6. Storyboard Each Scene in PowerPoint
    7. Video will be created as a Doodly whiteboard presentation (Doodly)
  29. Copyrights
    1. KWL:  Know, Want to Learn, Learned (.docx)
    2. Copyrights and Creativity (Video) and Guided Notes (pdf form)
    3. Why Copyrights Matter (Video) and Guided Notes (pdf form)
    4. Copyrights and Online Media (Video) and Guided Notes (pdf form)
    5. Copyright Basics (Video) and Guided Notes (pdf form)
    6. When Can You Can Use Copyrighted Material? (Video)
    7. Copyrights Protect Creators (Video)
    8. 8 Infographics about Public Domain and Copyright
  30. Color Vision Test:  Colors look different under different lights.  How do you see color?
  31. Comprehensive Video Production Reviews (pdf forms based on slideshows embedded at this website and used in class)
    1. Video Production Review (Please see slides at Home page)
    2. Video Camera Review (Please see slides at Gear page)
    3. Microphone Review (slides at Gear page)
    4. Lighting Review (slides at Gear page)
  32. Ken Burns Effect (Pan & Zoom/Scan) in Adobe Premier:  Example and Gettysburg Address
    1. Adobe Premier Pro CC Tutorial for Beginners
    2. Ken Burns Effect (Pan + Scan) in Adobe Premiere Pro (tutorial)
    3. Handout:  My First Pan/Zoom (.pdf)
    4. Images:  Stewart J Cort 1,  Stewart J Cort 2, and Stewart J Cort 3
  33. How Computers Work
    1. Computers 1 (video), and Script (.pdf)
    2. Mr. B's Computers 1 JavaScript Self-Check
    3. Computers 2 (video), and Script (.pdf)
    4. Mr. B's Computers 2 JavaScript Self-Check
    5. Computers 3 (video), and Script (.pdf)
    6.  Mr. B's Computers 3 JavaScript Self-Check
  34. Adobe PhotoShop
    1. Photoshop CC 2019 Tutorial for Beginners (video) and Notes from First 9 Minutes (.pdf)
    2. 3 Easy Photo Effects For Beginners
    3. Cropping, Sizing, Resolution, Levels, and Mode Project 1 with Practice Image 1 (underexposed) and Practice Image 2 (overexposed)
    4. Cropping, Sizing, Resolution, Levels, and Mode Project 2 with Overexposed Football Field and Underexposed Football Field
    5. Summative Assessment:  Correcting Photos for Print with Overexposed Miller Park and Underexposed Miller Park and Assessment Rubric
    6. Mr. B's Photoshop Tutorials
    1. 35 Photo Editing Tutorials for Photoshop
    2. 60 top-class Photoshop Tutorials to Try
    3. Basics of Photoshop in Under 25 Minutes
    4. Easy Cool Portrait Photo Effects
    5. Face Slide Effect
    6. Photoshop For Kids:  Tips, Tricks, Tutorials & Books For Kids
    7. 60 top-class Photoshop Tutorials to Try
    8. Photoshop Basics Tutorials (Each may be download as .pdf)
    9. Photoshop Tutorial for Beginners & Kids
    10. Projects Using Photoshop
  35. Introduction to Web Design
  36. Introduction to Web Development/Coding:  HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
    1. Hello World:  HTML & CSS (web example) and HTM & CSS with Comments (web example)
    2. Code For "Hello World" (.txt) and Code with Comments (txt)
    3. My First Web Page (web example)
    4. Code for "My First Web Page" (txt)
    5. Building Your First Web Page
    6. HTML 5 Tutorial
    7. CSS Tutorial
    8. HTML vrs XHTML (The Web Standards Project)
    9. HTML vrs XHTML (
    10. HTML vrs XHTML (w3schools)
    11. Mr. B's Javascript Pop-Up Quiz Template (Open and edit this .txt file in Notepad, but save as .html file)

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