Creative Video Ideas and Techniques

Video Ideas, by Tim GrabhamLearning to make great videos is fun when we think of exciting projects.  Producing creative videos means we learn video production while we enjoy the videos we make! 

Here are some examples of Mr. B's videos based on the Easy Video 1-2-3 process.  Creating book talks and movie-style book trailers  are good projects to start with.  The links below have more video ideas:

  1. 10 Ideas for Classroom Video Projects
  2. 20 Video Project Ideas to Engage Students
  3. Best Way to Shoot a Video by Yourself
  4. Cafeteria Rules And Procedures (Video)
  5. Cafeteria/Lunchroom Expectations (Video)
  6. Creating And Producing A Quality Film
  7. Five Minute Film School (YouTube Channel)
  8. Good Example of a Poorly Produced Video Story
  9. How to Be More Creative With the Camera: Film and Video Tricks
  10. How to Do a Split Screen Effect in Video
  11. How to Get the Perfect Lighting for Video
  12. How to Write a Video Game Review
  13. Kids' Vid: Video Production for Students
  14. Lining Up (Video)
  15. Making Movies:  Video Tutorials (YouTube Channel)
  16. Minimize Your Lighting Setups For Narrative Shoots
  17. Playground Safety (Video)
  18. Producing Video Interviews: Tips for Professional Quality
  19. Recording Your Own Videos
  20. Resources for Filmmaking in the Classroom
  21. Responsive School/First Day of School Video Channel
  22. Slanted Lens Video Tutorials (YouTube Channel)
  23. Step-By-Step Guide to Making a Music Video
  24. Weekly Videos about Videos (Paige Media's YouTube Channel)
  25. What Would You Like to Learn Today? (CineCom)
  26. Video Production Tips Blog
  27. Video Techniques
  28. Videography Tips


  1. 5 Steps to Creating Documentaries
  2. 9 Tips On How To Make Your First Documentary
  3. 10 Common Documentary Filmmaking Mistakes & How to Avoid Them
  4. 12 Steps On How To Make A Documentary
  5. 25 Documentary Filmmaking Grants You Need to Apply for this Year
  6. Documentary Film Making
  7. Documentary Video Production
  8. How to Analyze Documentaries
  9. How to Create a Good Documentary Film
  10. How to Make a Documentary With Kids
  11. How to Make a Mini Documentary
  12. How to Make a Short Documentary
  13. How to Write a Documentary Script (52 pg. .pdf)
  14. Inspiring Mini Documentaries from Latin America
  15. Lesson Plan: Introducing Documentaries to Your Students
  16. Mini Documentaries Video Production
  17. Public Media:  Opportunities for Feature Documentaries and Shorts
  18. Step-By-Step: How To Make a Documentary
  19. October 20, 2016 Student Documentaries: Nonfiction Comes to Life!
  20. Student-Produced Documentaries and Media
  21. What are the steps to make a documentary film?
  22. What is a Documentary?
  23. What Is A Mini Documentary And How Do You Make One?

From the book Video Ideas

The book Video Ideas has more creative ideas and video techniques to help inspire and challenge young video producers.  This is a perfect book for Imagining and creating awesome videos and animations to share with friends and family, and on YouTube, using phones, webcams, cameras, or camcorders.  It is a great read for 2nd-to-5th graders

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